Peel & Stick Roofing Underlayment

Epistik™ plus

Peel & Stick Roofing Underlayment

Epistik™ Plus Peel and Stick Roofing Underlayment

Top of the line premium heavy duty replacement for traditional peel and stick roofing underlayment

Epilay® Epistik™ PLUS is an extremely strong roofing underlayment with a 48 mil thickness and a 2 square roll weighing 48 lbs. These unique design features when coupled with exceptional tear strength and excellent adhesion allows the contractor to easily carry the roll up and down the ladder. It is available in 2 square (3ftX66.7ft) rolls.

Epilay® Epistik™ PLUS Roofing underlayment with its advanced engineering is highly recommended for Self Adhered Peel & Stick, coated woven synthetic roofing underlayment for sloped roofs. Epilay® Epistik™ is a Top of the line Premium Heavy Duty Commercial underlayment specifically manufactured to replace the traditional asphalt based Sand and Granular Peel & Stick Underlayments.

The adhesive layer is made from the advanced SBS Modified Bitumen based adhesive which performs extremely well in high as well as low temperatures and gives excellent adhesion to the primary roofing surface whether it is plywood or metal. The temperature performance range for Epilay® Epistik™ PLUS is -40° F to 260° F (-40° C to 126° C). It has a split release liner with silicone coating on both sides which helps in easier installation.

Epistik™ Plus Peel and Stick Roofing Underlayment
Grip Walk

Epilay® Epistik™ PLUS's GripWalk™ is a unique gray top layer which provides for a cooler working surface can be used under primary roofing materials to replace other low end traditional asphalt based Peel & Stick products. GripWalk™ high traction walking surface permits easier steep slope walk-ability, even during high condensation or moisture on the surface.

  • Ice Dam Protection
  • High Temp
  • Secure Seal


Epilay® EPISTIK™ PLUS is a 100% synthetic composition providing the following benefits to the roofing contractor:

  • 48 mil thickness
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Ice Dam Protection
  • Excellent rollability
  • Limited Life time warranty
  • Class A Fire Rating as per ASTM E 108
  • Strong and durable polymer construction
  • Water repellant, non- absorbent and UV resistant for up to 180 days
  • Synthetic construction impervious to mold growth
  • Temperature performance range -40° F to 260° F (-40° C to 126° C)
  • Works best for use under Metal, Shake, concrete tiles, slates & asphalt shingles
  • Class A Fire ASTM E108. ASTM D1970, AC-48 and Florida Building Code approved
  • Does not wrinkle, crack or become stiff in colder temperatures for smooth and easy installation
  • Epilay® Epistik™ PLUS will not dry out or leach oil in high heat environment as other asphalt based Peel & Stick products do
  • Superior 5 ply Underlayment (3 ply cross woven coated polypropylene with an additional layer of non-woven polypropylene+ layer of SBS modified bitumen
  • GripWalk™ retains non slippery properties even during condensation or moisture on the surface
  • GripWalk™ High Traction top surface with Light grey color reduces heat and provide better working environment
  • Excellent Nail Sealability

Technical Data

Test Properties Test Standard Epistik Plustypical Values
Unrollability ASTM D 1970 No cracking, tearing, or damage
Thickness Mils ASTM D 5147 48 mils
Tensile Strength ASTM D 1970 MD128/CD107
Adhesion to Plywood lb/ft ASTM D 1970 -
40° F - 9.4
75° F - 13.3
Thermal Stability ASTM D 1970 260° F/Pass
Low Temperature Flexibility ICC AC 48 Pass
Tear Resistance lb/ft ASTM D 1970 MD163/CD184
Permeability ASTM E 96 0.03
Nail Sealability ASTM D 1970 Pass
Temperature Range - -40° F to 260° F
Fire Rating ASTM E 108 Class A
Specifications Data
Length per roll 66.7'
Width per roll 36"
Weight per roll 48 lbs
Squares per roll 2
Rolls per pallet 25
Gr. weight per pallet 1300 lbs